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What GBC does

What GBC does

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GBC was established for the purpose to support SMEs of the
ASEM member countries wishing to enter into Indonesia
related to the fields of eco-friendly and eco-innovative
technological industry.

GBC aims to mainly perform the role as a business incubator, including services such as providing
physical work space, legal and financial consultation, common services and networking connections.
As a result, the main goal of GBC is to help tenant SMEs achieve their goals within a certain period
of time.

Providing Business Intelligence Service
- Linkage with the Indonesian SME Support Policies
- Providing SMEs Incubating Service (Consultation,
  Work Space etc.)
Sharing Eco-Policies
- Sharing international eco-information,
  investment information and eco-policies of
  the leading enterprises and developed countries.
Competency Development
- Providing education service for the tenant
  SMEs on business capacity
International Cooperation
- Developing cooperative business between
  Korea-Indonesia and Korea-SMEs of the ASEM
  member countries such as joint investment,
  technology transfer and information exchage.