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Vision & Mission

Home About Indonesia GBC Vision & Mission

GBC pursues to play the role as a hub among organizations in order to enhance global interest in eco-innovation of SMEs and to disseminate the idea of sustainable development.

GBC Support Scheme

Green Business Center cooperatives & associations institute/university
  • kotra
  • embassyri&rok
  • cosmes
  • sbc
  • smba

GBC MIssion

Green Business Acceierate for Bustiness Potential
Operation Objective of Center

Growing green-tech companies as future growth engines

Growing the center as hub org.to lead green growth

  • Providing tenant companies with differentiated support services suchas custumized international consulting, market information and marketing
  • Risk-minimizing the overseas investmen and promotion of competitiveness trough incubating
  • Supporting international academic-industrial cooperation and ewpansion of domestic and overseas networks